Standard Return Processing

Part of Tax Technologies Corporate Tax Services
"Receive high-quality returns and findings prepared by expert consultants."

Service Overview

Our Standard Return Processing Service produces high-quality returns, provides international tax planning information, and reduces the costs and burden of Form 5471 and other international compliance filings.

Our well-versed consultants possess significant experience with international tax compliance, tax software applications, and the tax processing cycle. As part of our Standard Return Processing Service, we provide the return and tax process analysis. We complete and deliver the returns in a timely manner, and report our findings to you as part of the same package.

Our service includes the provision of standard data collection, real-time project status updates, processing of tax forms (5471, 8865, and 8858), provision of e-file, the furnish aggregation of all returns for e-file, transmission of e-file on your behalf, maintenance of E&P and tax pools for CFCs, and provision of the U.S. shareholder inclusions, organizational structure, and complete audit trail.

We promise a fixed service, efficient processing, comprehensive documentation provided for audit support, and total transparency along with complete control over the process.