Data Management

Part of the Tax Series Software Suite
"Properly and efficiently manage tax functions and complex set of data."

Service Overview

With our Data Management services, TTI assists with proper management of tax functions and complex set of data without recreating unnecessary redundancies. Based on a foundation of expertise and experience, we help to formulate tax processes and develop better data definition.

We provide the following: data definition analysis, process analysis and re-engineering, new process implementation, historical data extraction, and large data set processing.

Our mission is to relieve your corporate tax department of difficult data maintenance, which is embarked on so that users can collect, organize, and process information. We understand how tax processing can require strenuous effort due to its nature, and the need for additional set of data required compared to, for example, data required for the forecasting and valuation of projects.

Our steps have been designed over time to maximize efficiency. They are committed to in this order: analyze the data required, document the sources of data for each requirement, install the system which provides the data for each processing cycle, integrate the data collection process to the tax computation process, and lastly, revised and fine-tune processes as needed.